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Morning Skate: Hometown hero

An award for Charlie Coyle.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Exhibition day is here! The Bruins will be on TV tonight. Nice.

Yesterday, the team announced that forward Charlie Coyle was this year’s recipient of the NESN 7th Player Award.

The winner was chosen by a fan vote on the NESN website, with the award given to “the Bruin who exceeded the expectations of Bruins fans during the season.”

(A side note about NESN’s website: it’s extremely slow and hard to read. It’s also filled with low-quality affiliate-type links. However, it’s also ranked in the top ~3,000ish websites in the world in terms of traffic, which is wild. Anyways, that’s enough website talk.)

Coyle got the nod, which is nice for the local kid.

Today’s highlight

If today is Charlie Coyle Day, you might as well watch all of his goals.

Today’s discussion topic

Who is the best Massachusetts-born hockey player ever?