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Fresh Links: Bubbles

Details of the playoff “bubble” structure are emerging

Trailer Park Boy Characters Launch Liquormen’s Ol’Dirty Canadian Whisky With An Autograph Signing
No, not THAT Bubbles!
Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Keep Calm and Bergeron.

  • Three free agent Bruins that need to finish strong to make a case for a contract extension. The Hockey Writers
  • Lend your ears to Kirk Luedeke’s musings to cap off your Fourth celebrations. He is starting to doubt that the Bruins can re-sign Torey Krug despite strong interest on both sides. His riff includes the Bruins, prospects, NHL news, and a peek into his time with the Omaha Lancers (has it really been three years now?) And don’t even speak the word “underrated” in his presence! (Audio, 46:01) Scouting Post
  • We’re number 15! We’re number 15! The NHL is ranking the best Stanley Cup Final games since 2000. (With video) NHL

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • In news of former Bruins: It looks like Frank Vatrano had a pretty good year in Florida. The Rat Trick
  • Details from the proposed six-year Collective Bargaining Agreement address issues beyond the immediate return to play discussions. TSN
  • Get over it! Here’s one fan’s rant about a Fourth of July that still sticks in his craw seven years afterward. (Hint- Peter Chiarelli, Tyler Seguin.) Pro Sports Extra Bonus- do you recall the other players in the transaction? @MikeCommito
  • July 1st brought millions of reasons for NHLers to be happy. Yahoo Sports
  • Jeff Bezos wants a green arena for the new Settle expansion team. Not so fast, sport! EuroNews
  • Hooray for Oskar Lindblom! Following the competion of his treatments, he is looking well and spoke about his progress. (Video, 1:00) NHL

COVID-19, Stanley Cup Playoff structure in the news:

  • We have progress, and may soon have hockey! The NHL and NHLPA shook hands yesterday. Yahoo Sports
  • Are YOU ready for Phases 3 and 4? Here’s a primer on what to expect. The good news? Families will be reunited for both the Conference and Stanley Cup Final. Pension Plan Puppets
  • So how is the “bubble” concept going to function to protect the teams and staff in Edmonton and Toronto? TSN
  • Chris Johnson is on Twitter reporting a bunch of small agreement details, including this one- teams will provide staff to help the players’ families stuck at home. @ReporterChris
  • In praise of “Yacht Rock” in all its glory. Don’t like it? Well, that’s just your opinion, man. (Sticktaps to @MickColageo for the link) National Review
  • There is one compelling reason that Toronto was chosen as a hub city. NO, REALLY! The Beaverton