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Morning Skate: Unphased

The league is moving forward.

NBA & NHL Suspend Seasons Due to Coronavirus Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Well folks, the NHL appears to be moving forward!

The league continued to announce details about its Return to Play plan yesterday, releasing a few different dates.

It looks like training camp will be starting as soon as just about a week from now. The NHL deserves credit for taking things seriously, but the virus doesn’t really care about plans, so...we’ll see how it goes!

If nothing else, we might have hockey to talk about in just a few days.

Today’s highlight

Reportedly, one of the parts of the new CBA will be a return to the Olympics for the NHL (pending approval by the IOC, among others, so it’s not set in stone).

In honor of that, watch Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand run wild in the World Cup (remember that?).

Today’s discussion topic

Part of the Return to Play thing is UNLIMITED GOALIES. If you were to choose one goalie to field a team of himself and his clones (i.e. if you choose Tuukka Rask, Rask and his Rask clones will play all 6 positions simultaneously), who would you choose?