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Fresh Links: Hello, Toronto

All that is left is a vote by the NHL players

Toronto moves into phase two with the rest of Ontario as the province tries to slow the spread of COVID-19
Hello, Toronto!
Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Keep Calm and Bergeron.

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • The NHLPA will be defending against a whistleblower regarding an alleged theft and subsequent coverup. TSN
  • The Blackhawks will keep their name. Sportsnet
  • There has been a quick limerick penned to soften some bad news. Seeyer next year. Sigh. @DaBeautyLeague

COVID-19, Stanley Cup Playoff structure in the news:

  • The NHL and NHLPA have agreed! Will the players sign on? This primer will get you up to speed on Phase 3 and Phase 4. Bonus for masochists- links to the actual documents. The Hockey News
  • The Bobfather, Bob McKenzie, fleshes out what the schedule will look like, and (HIPPA be damned) which players may be involuntarily sidelined for serious reasons. TSN
  • Here’s a spreadsheet of the schedule. Pension Plan Puppets
  • If you’re short on time, skim this synopsis, a tl;dr. Raw Charge
  • Acknowledge what could go wrong. NBCSports
  • No home ice advantage? By the numbers, what may change when teams play without an audience? TSN
  • X marks the spot- what will be the odd factors that will change the dynamics when teams return to action? ESPN
  • And what about officials? Scouting the Refs
  • Safety first! The proposed NHL bubbles have put MLB to shame. National Post