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Morning Skate: A reminder

A reminder of where we are in the world.

Virus Outbreak Canada Photo by Sayed Najafizada/NurPhoto via Getty Images

While we’re all hoping hockey continues to press forward (safely), Wednesday brought about some news reminding us of what’s going on in the world.

Yes, that same Edmonton that’s slated to host hockey in a few weeks.

While the outbreak above appears to be limited to a single facility, it’s certainly a reminder that the virus hasn’t taken a backseat.

Hopefully things remain relatively under control north of the border, because chaos still reigns down here.

Today’s highlight

While Bruin Blake Wheeler wasn’t as complete a player as Winnipeg Blake Wheeler, he sure did show flashes of the complete game to come.

Today’s discussion topic

The salary cap will remain flat for next season. Do you think the Bruins will re-sign Torey Krug, or he will take bigger bucks and go elsewhere?