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The Return to Play Watch Party!

Come on in, enjoy yourself!

Vegas Golden Knights v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

Consider this a watchthread for the games of the day! Hockey’s back, you might as well enjoy it together! Have a beer in the middle of the day!

High Noon: NYR vs. Carolina

Carolina is a good team with inconsistent goaltending, and New York is an inconsistent team with good goaltending.

This was the perfect pairing to put on first. Gets you right back into the silliness of hockey.

3pm: Edmonton vs. Chicago

The western conference meteor game for at least one fanbase, maybe dozens. Either way, it’s McDavid vs. Toews. Draisaitl vs. Role Model Extraordinaire********************************. It’s gonna be wild. Keep an eye on this one.

************************** = Patrick Kane is the kind of person for whom an almost continuous assbeating is designed for.

4pm: Florida vs. NYI

And if you like your hockey a little slower, a little messier, a little more...well...this, your other afternoon game is definitely either going to be a blowout, a 1-0 slogfest, a racecar made out of cocaine, or maybe all of those things. Wait until the 2nd to check this one out.

8pm: Montreal vs. Pittsburgh

Hey! Do you want to watch Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin dunk on an absolutely miserable Habs team? Of course you do!

10:30pm: Winnipeg vs. Calgary

Calgary probably isn’t long for this play-in, and Winnipeg needs Connor Hellebucyk to save them nightly.

I’m not super hopeful for this one, but I’m willing to be surprised!

Have a beer in the middle of the day! Hockey’s back!