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Should Chris Wagner be suspended for his horrifying penalty on Tyler Johnson?

Difficult to watch, folks.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Boston Bruins at Tampa Bay Lightning John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

As hockey fans, we’re used to rough stuff. Face-washes, shoves, fights...they’re generally considered a part of the game.

However, even we must acknowledge when someone crosses the line...even if it’s a player from the hometown team.

During Sunday night’s Game 1, Chris Wagner of the Bruins was whistled for a roughing penalty during the second period.

To be frank, “roughing” doesn’t even begin to describe it. What we all had to witness was truly horrifying.

After the whistle had blown, Wagner glided in and put his arm around the head of Tampa Bay’s Tyler Johnson, effectively wrapping him up.

WARNING: What you’re about to see is truly disturbing.

From a different angle, the incident is even worse. Ignore the snarky Twitter caption from this fool.

Truly frightening stuff from Wagner, who clearly had no regard for his opponent’s well being.

While it appears that Tyler Johnson was OK, Wagner’s heinous act could have resulted in serious injury, including:

  • A slightly askew helmet.
  • A twisted ear.
  • Tousled hair.
  • The brief inability to see, due to helmet lowness.

All of the above are serious, potentially dangerous injuries. To put it bluntly, this is no laughing matter.

If the NHL is going to get serious about player safety, it needs to step in here. As much as it may pain us to admit it, as it will harm the Bruins, it’s time for the league to lay down the law.

Expect Chris Wagner to receive a hefty suspension, at least 30 games. These kinds of plays simply can’t be tolerated.