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Morning Skate: Not nice ice

It is summer, after all.

NHL: Eastern Conference Qualifications-Boston Bruins vs Philadelphia Flyers Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been quite a start to these weird playoffs. The “not nice ice” in the title can refer to two things:

  • Poor ice surface conditions
  • Bad feelings on the ice in general

It seems like these playoffs have already had both!

For bad feelings, we’ve already seen a coach rip an opponent after a game, a few misconducts, a suspension, a spear...and it’s only been a few days!

For bad ice, it’s becoming a common theme in these playoffs. Flubbed chances on the breakaway, passes going way off, lost’s chaos. Still, both teams play on the same ice, right?

Can’t wait until a series-winning goal goes awry because it slides into a slush pile in the crease and stops.

Today’s highlight

Speaking of bad feelings, remember that fight? The Bruins got smoked that night, but man, Lars Eller got tuned up.

Today’s discussion topic

The ice is melting. The league should abandon ice and play ball hockey instead. Discuss.