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Morning Skate: Seeds of doubt

Improvement, but no results.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Boston Bruins Photo by Andre/Ringuette/Getty Images

Two round robins down, one to go!

No result from yesterday, but the B’s, as a whole, looked better, at least? If you took that 3-2 loss against Tampa in a vacuum, it wouldn’t be too bad. When you package it with the other recent results, it looks worse.

Anyways, one more to go!

Today’s highlight

Tampa did a lot of tough guy post-whistle stuff yesterday. They’ve been annoying for a while. Zdeno Chara doesn’t like Cedric Paquette, and neither do I.

Today’s discussion topic

Which team have you been impressed with in these playoffs? Which team (other than the Bruins, wise guys) have you been disappointed by?