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Morning Skate: Tuesday’s gone

I don’t know what happened in the game last night.

Bruins v Canadiens X Dafoe

Tuesday! It’s a day.

The Stars and Golden Knights played Game 5 of the Western Conference Final last night, but I don’t know how it ended.

You see, I’m writing this Monday night, scheduling it for Tuesday morning. Did the Stars win? Did Vegas win? Did the game go on so long that they suspended it? MYSTERY.

Anyways, I have placed myself firmly on board the Dallas Stars bandwagon, and by that, I mean I’d prefer they win over another team. That’s about it. “Anyone but Tampa” is also a suitable answer.

Now, for the photo. Why Byron Dafoe? Good question. He came to mind last night. No real reason why.

Dafoe was born in Worthing, England. It’s located on the southern coast of the country, near Brighton, Bournemouth, Southampton, etc. Those are Premier League teams, with the exception of Bournemouth, who got relegated last season.

The point? Wolves also play in the Premier League, and won their first game of the season yesterday. Good times.

Today’s highlight

There’s Byron Dafoe, throwing hands!

Today’s discussion topic

Are you a soccer fan? What’s your team?