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Morning Skate: Bench issues

Game 1 of the Final is in the books.

2020 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images


Hopefully you folks had yourselves a great weekend. Somehow, it is already the latter portion of September. The official start of fall is on the horizon, which means the new league year is right around the corner too.

Weird times.

In hockey news, the Dallas Stars took Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final on Saturday night. Our man Anton Khudobin had another good game.

If he can continue to frustrate Tampa, you better believe the Lightning cheapshots will start flowing.

Noted tough guy Pat Maroon injected a nice bit of boneheadedness into the proceedings on Saturday night, earning himself a misconduct for shooting the puck into the Dallas bench.

Stand-up guys, those Lightning.

Today’s highlight

Pretty bush league stuff right there.

Interestingly, it reminded me of Daniel Alfredsson’s antics (also at the end of the second period in the Final) several years back:

Today’s discussion topic

How many games would Brad Marchand get suspended if he pulled that stunt? 300?

As an aside, do you people want open threads for the Cup Final games? It seems like many of you are watching and would like a place to chime in.

If so, we can set them up.