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Boston Pride have banners unveiled in Logan Airport

The Pride have become the fifth team honored in Logan.


Yesterday, Massport decided to unveil a pair of new championship banners inside of Logan Airport’s Terminal C in the “Celebration of Champions” Exhibit. The banners will honor the 2016 Isobel Cup championship and the 2019-2020 regular season championship, the Isobel Cup Final was cancelled due to Corona Virus, of the Boston Pride. The Pride join the Bruins, Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox in the display and are the only women’s team to have a banner in place.

These marked the 40th and 41st banners on display. They were unveiled in a ceremony that was recorded for viewership.

“Massport is proud to welcome the Boston Pride, the first women’s professional sports team to join our Celebration of Champions exhibit,” said Denise Ridge, Massport’s Deputy Director of Aviation Customer Service. “These pro athletes are not just stars on ice, but they also play important roles in their respective communities. We hope the passengers who see the Boston Pride banners will leave the airport feeling inspired by the team’s hard work and tenacity.”

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