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Morning Skate: Double duty

The end of the week is here. Is the end of the season?

Gerry Cheevers deflects the puck wide... Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

Folks, the end of the week has arrived!

With the end of the week comes the insane back-to-back portion of the Stanley Cup Final, as the Dallas Stars and Tampa Bay Lightning will play on both Friday and Saturday nights.

Why? Good question. No one knows.

Still, it’s reality, and along with that reality comes the fact that the season could be over by Monday. Weird, wild stuff.

Will Tampa get another gentleman’s sweep? Will Dallas push back? Only time will tell!

Sounds like one of those old school intros to a national TV broadcast. I missed my calling, I guess.

Today’s highlight

Speaking of old school intros: you may have qualms with ESPN’s present-day coverage of the NHL, but the video above is a great example of how great ESPN’s presentation of hockey used to be.

“Hello everybody,” the theme song, the graphics...awesome.

Today’s discussion topic

NHL players in the Olympics: what’s your take? Should they be involved, or should it be strictly amateurs?