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Morning Skate: Staying alive

More hockey!

2020 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Well folks, the weekend has come and gone. Here’s to hoping your upcoming week is a good one.

Over the weekend, the Dallas Stars lost Game 4 of the Final on Friday, then won Game 5 in double-overtime on Saturday night.

As a result, the NHL season is extended for at least another game, with Game 6 on the schedule for tonight.

It was a pretty good game on Saturday night, with Dallas tying it late before winning it in the second overtime. Tampa was running all over the Stars in the first overtime, but couldn’t seal the deal.

One can’t help but wonder (hope) if Tampa letting Dallas get up off the mat will come back to bite them.

In other news, there are rumors circulating that Torey Krug’s rights will be traded soon, as we suggested a week or so ago.

Hey, if he’s skipping town, you might as well get something for him!

Today’s highlight

Pretty much the archetype of a playoff OT goal: netfront scramble, bodies flying everywhere. Good stuff from Dallas.

Today’s discussion topic

Alright, place your bets: which team is acquiring Krug’s rights, and will he sign there?