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Morning Skate: Man of the people

Nice guy, that David Pastrnak.

Florida Panthers Vs Boston Bruins At TD Garden Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Folks, we have reached Bruins Opener Eve Eve. DOUBLE EVE.

Not much in the way of big Bruins news yesterday, aside from the Lake Tahoe game (which was already reported) and the waiver moves (which weren’t terribly shocking).

Instead, we got this delight of a quote from Ondrej Kase, talking about his Czech countryman, our man David Pastrnak:


It’s true, too. Since he was drafted, one of the notable things about Pastrnak has been his upbeat demeanor. He looks like he’s truly enjoying himself when playing hockey, which probably isn’t too difficult when you’re really, really good at it.

Of course, this will rub some of the “hockey is serious business” folks, or those bothered by the fact that he’s paid like a superstar the wrong way, but whatever. Don’t take things too seriously.

Also, shoutout to Matt Porter for using the correctly accented letters in both of those Czech names. I don’t even know where to find those accent marks.

Today’s highlight

That’s a lot of playoff goals. And a lot of fun!

Today’s discussion topic

What’s your favorite pizza topping?