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Bruins’ line rushes offer clearer preview of opening night lineup

Naturally, some changes might happen, but the current combinations make plenty of sense.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Boston Bruins at Carolina Hurricanes Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Per the Boston Bruins’ official Twitter feed, the team offered more than a glimpse at their roster for the Season Opener tomorrow:

Makes perfect sense to see Par Lindholm and Trent Frederic as the sub-ins for bottom line rushes. Both will likely see playing time this season but unless Bjork craters, he’s likely to be the more valuable option of the three. With 24 skaters on the ice, the Bruins need to winnow the game roster by one, and Frederic is the only one that won’t require waivers.

UPDATE: Boston opted to waive Par Lindholm. Top brass must be high on Frederic coming out of “camp”.

As many expected (and some hoped), John Moore is an extra defenseman with Connor Clifton. Boston is going to have to really kick at Kevan Miller to see if he can, and should, stay in the lineup. Should that not pan out, we either see the devil we know (Moore being unreliable) or the one we don’t (how Clifton progresses as a player). Any way you slice it, the 6-8 spots on defense are tentative at the moment.

And, goalies are goalies! Shocker there.

How do these look to you?