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Public Skate: Bruins vs. Islanders

The Island!

Boston Bruins Stan Jonathan... Photo by Frank O’Brien/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The image above features Stan Jonathan celebrating a goal at the Coliseum in 1977. That arena is still open and will host the Bruins tonight, though it’s not long for this world.

I attended a B’s-Islanders game on the Island several years ago, and it was quite an experience. It’s a unique arena, to say the least.

The arena itself is very old school, obviously, but I think the most interesting part was the sea of parking around it. It felt more like a football stadium than a hockey arena, though once you got inside, it was very much a hockey arena.

They also had a blimp that floated around during stoppages dropping t-shirts, which was pretty cool. Also, the Bruins won the game I attended handily. Good times.

Anyways, Monday afternoon. Did you have today off? I didn’t. I’m putting this together on Sunday night, so I hope I had a good Monday.