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How to watch the NWHL bubble games: Twitch, NBCSN, and more

If you aren’t getting enough hockey with the Bruins, we got another Boston hockey treat for you!

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Welcome to the NWHL Bubble!

Every game will be available to watch in one from or another, which is great news for hockey fans.

All 21 regular season and seeding games will be seen on Twitch, and the semifinals and Final will be aired exclusively on NBCSN (yes that channel).

How to watch the NWHL on Twitch

Twitch is a free-to-use platform that you can watch without even setting up an account.

The games will be on the NWHL’s Twitch channel.

If you want to chat with other fans (and even sometimes the announcers), you will have to create a free account and you will be free to talk about the game.

In the past, the channel has required you to follow them and watch for a short amount of time before being allowed to join the chat, to avoid trolls.

Also, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can link your account for a free subscription to use on the NWHL or anyone else, which gives you access to special emotes the NWHL provides. You can watch this on a computer or mobile device via the Twitch App.

How to watch the NWHL on NBCSN

If you have a cable subscription package that includes NBCSN, you can tune into the semifinals and finals and ignore the rest of this.

If not, you have a few options, especially if you are a cable cutter and have no current subscription.

There are a number of streaming services that carry NBCSN and have free trials such as Sling TV, YouTube TV and Hulu Live TV. The Peacock streaming service will also have the games if you prefer that option.

When does the NWHL bubble start?

Games start this afternoon, with the first game at 1PM.

The Pride drop the puck at 4 PM.

There will be games nearly every day from today until the championship on February 5, aside from Monday, January 25, and Friday, January 29.