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Recap: Pride unable to hold lead, fall 2-1 against Toronto

In a crushingly disappointing game Boston has now dropped 40% of the regular season.

Michelle Jay

Not at chicken little time yet but we are getting close. For a team with a high powered offense, top goaltending, and a feeling of destiny not much has gone according to plan.

Fighting for Fourth

Turns out the opening day loss is gonna hurt Boston a lot. Coming into the game against Toronto the top seed had all but been taken out of play. Now Boston is in danger of not even making the top-4. They sit in a tie for fourth with their next opponent Connecticut and have lost their room for error.

Supporting Selander

Lovisa Selander has now lost more games in the bubble then the rest of her NWHL career. Neither one should be considered her fault. Boston is taking dumb penalties and not converting on the PP. While the two goals per game is a little high for Selander the fact that she has been given a total of two goals in two games is worrisome.

Secondary Scoring

Yes we are rehashing this because it is still a problem. Still nothing from the third and fourth lines this season, which when the Pride are trailing seemingly has forced Coach Mara to only run the top two lines.

Other Action

Minnesota Whitecapes: 1 - Metropolitan Riveters: 0