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Recap: Pride in free fall mode, falter against Whale 4-1

Where to start. The Pride are in trouble and have zero room for error left.

Michelle Jay

We have reached full panic mode. The positives are getting harder and harder to find but there are at least three more games to go.


Well it has gone from bad to worse in terms of the playoffs. First place has been mathematically eliminated as the Pride can’t catch Minnesota. Second place has been eliminated as they can’t catch Toronto. Third place is all but out of the picture as they now have lost the tiebreaker to Connecticut, so a multi team group at four points is their best hope. In all reality they are looking at 5th place going into the seeding round which is huge shock.

Fatigue Factor

Four games in five days to start the season can’t have helped this situation in anyway. Add in the lack of production from the third and fourth lines causing more minutes from the top lines and it is a self-fulfilling prophecy that the Pride would struggle late in games. Both of these last two games Boston entered the third up a goal and promptly surrendered enough goals to lose. They are off the next two nights before playing Saturday agains the Riveters.

In Search of Scoring

The Pride came into the bubble with the highest rated offense, that only added more scoring threats from last season. They have now scored only one goal in three of four games and have a negative scoring differential. Why the offense isn’t working is up for debate, but something clearly isn’t clicking.

Other Action

Toronto Six: 4 - Buffalo Beauts: 2