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2021 WJC Quarterfinals RECAP: The semis are set!

Yesterday, we learned a lot about being determined, and the limits of talent. Now, we move on to the Semifinals!

Finland v Sweden: Quarterfinals - 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Quarterfinals Game One - Germany makes it tougher than expected, but Russia still wins 2-1

No shame here. Hold your heads high, Germany, you played like heroes.

Game Notes:

  • This was...much closer than it had any right to be, but a big part of that was Germany really trying to take over the 2nd and 3rd periods.
  • With this win, Russia goes on to meet their semifinal dance partner, Canada. Given how much they sat back and just let Germany try, I’d be trying to impress effort on the players, were I Russia’s head coach Larianov.
  • Bruins in this Game: Bychkov played! He played 12 minutes, with no points.

Game 2 - Finland comes back to win against Sweden in 3-2 thriller


Game Notes:

  • After the first period, it became clear Finland was no longer screwing around. Of the 31 shots they put on, nearly half of all of them came in the 2nd period, and the other half came in the third, especially during the last five minutes, where they just laid siege to Hugo Alnefeldt. And that includes the Finns taking 20 minutes of penalties, including one for checking to the head!
  • Sweden meanwhile...mostly parked the bus to their detriment. They have good defense and goalies, but assuming two goals is enough against a team you know all too well is living or dying on it’s furious offense isn’t gonna go well. Ah well, we still appreciate you, Tre Kronor. Better luck next year!
  • Finland moves on after such heroics to play the USA. Neither team have played each other this tourney, and whoo boy is it going to be fun given their philosophies in .
  • Bruins in this Game: Mantykivi is probably going to play next game thanks to Sam Helenius going out and getting 10 and (almost certainly) a game for doing a dumb.

Game 3 - Czechs look good for about a period and a half, but can’t overcome the champs. Canada moves on after 3-0 win.

Wondering how this was gonna go was like wondering if an apple falling out of a tree would beat gravity. That said, the apple tried it’s best!

Game Notes:

  • The Czechs did play like they had a chance...and then Dylan Cozens happened. Their ability to control the entire game is simply too much for them.
  • That said, the Czechs look like they’re finally getting their groove back, plenty of talented young guns like one of their players of the game: Stan Svozil is gonna make someone real happy at the draft this year.
  • Canada kinda got away with a couple of egregious penalties, and later on in the 3rd, you could kinda hear the Czech bench getting a little snappy with them.
  • Canada goes on to face Russia. This is probably going to be the actual toughest team Canada has/will faced so far.

Game 4 - The US gives a little more of a scare than you might think, but Slovakia does go down. USA wins 5-2.

This game was nice and easy for the US...riiiiiight up until the end.

Game Notes:

  • Hats off to the Slovaks and their goalies, man. Both Hlavaj and Latkoczy played their asses off this entire tournament, and even if they didn’t get the help they deserved, they still look like quality players. Regrettable, but understandable. The good news is that they’ll likely be better next year, as many of their best youngsters were very young, even for this tournament.
  • USA goes on to face Finland. Finland as we’ve seen isn’t going to let you get away with taking the last 10 minutes of the game off, guys. You’d better have your A-Game ready.

2021 World Juniors Semifinals - January 4th

Game One: Canada vs. Russia - 6pm

Game Two: USA vs. Finland - 9:30pm

We’ll see you on the 4th for the preview!