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Recap: Pride on life support, lose game late against Buffalo 2-1

That is the end of their rope. The Pride have no more ground to give.

Michelle Jay

Another game, another blown lead, another loss. The Pride are in free fall and are one loss away from crashing to earth.

Fresh Faces

One of the big stories out of last night was Buffalo’s last minute addition of Lisa Chesson who then went on to score the game winner. Since the game it has been revealed that she followed the unknown league protocol, quarantined and received two negative tests before being cleared by the region of New York that governs Lake Placid. Also released was the fact that other teams are allowed to do this as well, a fact clearly not known by Pride Head Coach Paul Mara. There are conflicting reports on whether or not both Buffalo and Connecticut will be adding players going forward.

Damaged Dempsey

Captain Jillian Dempsey was dressed again but was given some ice time yesterday. She started the night taking the opening face-off. Her shifts were sporadic the rest of the way but when she was out there she was effective, winning nine face-offs and getting some crucial PK time. When she was on the ice it was clear she was no where near 100% making it even more impressive what she was able to contribute.

Expanding Leads

Every singe game so far this season the Pride have scored first, and without fail they have given up the second goal to tie the game up. The tying goal has often been against the run of play as Boston has been dominant in the first two frames, often holding large amounts of possession and severely limiting opponents shots. Even with this dominance the Pride have never expanded on a lead early, only netting a second goal once, against Buffalo. Boston has also been outscored 7-0 in the third period which seems to shine on the lack of depth production that has been harped on.

Other Action

Toronto Six: 4 - Minnesota Whitecaps: 3