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Preview: Pride on verge of disaster, take on Buffalo

It is a simple formula, just win. The Pride need to play like they are capable of.

Michelle Jay

Win or go home, it is really that simple.

Just the facts

When: Today, 3:00 PM

Where: Herb Brooks Arena, Lake Placid, NY

How to follow: Twitch: NWHL channel


Things seem rather dire in the Pride camp. They have now lost to every team they have played in this bubble. The team seems frustrated and they ave run out of time to figure out what is going on.

Story Lines

End of the Line

With last night’s loss they put themselves against a wall, any loss will be their last loss and mark a disappointing season. The opposite is they still sit four wins away from winning their second championship. The numbers are clearly against them doing it at this point but the numbers were wrong about them earlier.

Questionable Chemistry

Boston is an all star team. They are so loaded with talent it isn’t funny. Last year they were able to come together and dominate. This year something just hasn’t clicked. That last pass isn’t there and players seem to have taken the struggle personally and feel the need to individually break through. There will be plenty of time this offseason ti direct where they went wrong, but shedding some locker room veterans that are still scoring threats might be coming back to haunt the team.

Full of Frustration

The late addition for Buffalo yesterday clearly angered Boston. While it appears to be coming out now that teams can add players under certain circumstances, it is clear this was not communicated effectively across the board. Whether this further erodes Boston’s mindset or gives them an us against the world attitude en route to a movie ending, only time will tell.

Other Games

Connecticut Whale v Toronto Six - 6:00 PM


This will all come down to if the Pride can get their mindset right and use the clear advantage in talent they have. Right now there are two options, play like they are capable and dominate or pack it in because this is a lost season. Opposing goalie Carly Jackson is going to have a lot to say on the topic either way as she has been amongst the best net minders in Lake Placid. On paper this is a Pride win, and as such I will stick with them.

Pride 2 Beauts 1