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Providence Bruins to play in Marlborough for upcoming season, with no fans in attendence.

The Providence Bruins become the Marlboro Bruins for next season.

The AHL has finally begun to put itself together after months of inactivity, and there’s a lot to cover.

First off! Conference Re-alignment! Much like the NHL, the AHL has decided to send much of it’s canadian teams back over the border, and it has created side effect for the AHL Atlantic Division:


Man I hope you have strong opinions about Connecticut, because you’re gonna be seeing a lot of them.

And to top it all off, today COO of the P-B’s Jeff Hagen announced that due to the Dunkin Donuts center becoming a staging area for COVID initiatives and a major testing site in Rhode Island, the team would be in fact temporarily moving to the New England Sports Center in Marlborough, Massachusetts for the season.

The guy who owns the P-B’s, H. Larue Renfroe, also owns this place as well.

“We welcome the Providence Bruins to the New England Sports Center for this season with no fans,” he said. “We do so with a heavy heart as the team belongs at the Dunk, where we look forward to returning to next season and beyond. The Boston-Providence partnership is very strong and we are playing this season to support the Bruins as they play for a Stanley Cup.”

The building is by all accounts equipped for the job of hosting a minor-pro hockey team, and any possibility of fans making it and trying to sneak in is definitively offset by public transit to Marlborough being...difficult, and even from the city by car is 40 minutes away.

The schedule is still being worked out, but I have to imagine it will be a very different look than it does initially, otherwise it will almost certainly be the funniest thing we post on this website that week.

The youths will have a place to play!