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Morning Skate: The B Line

33% of the Bruins’ defense played at Boston University.

Comm. Ave. Bridge Reopens To Traffic Photo by Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

What happened in the World Juniors last night? Current me doesn’t know. Current you, reading this, likely knows. You are wiser than me.

We’ve got Day 3 of training camp coming up today for the Bruins, and thus far, it’s been a relatively uneventful stretch...which isn’t a bad thing.

No no-shows, no player drama, no additional injuries. It’s nice.

One of the bigger question marks heading into the season is what the Bruins’ defense pairings will look like. It’s early in camp, but it appears that Bruce Cassidy is leaning in one direction when it comes to his top two:

Jeremy Lauzon, top-pairing defenseman, is not something I would have expected at this time last year, but here we are!

I think, of the two options, I’d prefer to see a Jakub Zboril - Kevan Miller third pairing, or we could get really wild and go Zboril - Connor Clifton. CHAOS.

Today’s highlight

33% of the Bruins’ Opening Night defense played at Boston University. 50% of its top two pairings. Math!

Today’s discussion topic

Your thoughts on the defense pairs above?