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Morning Skate: Chaos

Close to the end of training camp!

Boston Bruins Practice Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Well folks, it is Thursday, and the United States certainly plunged itself into a good bit of chaos yesterday.

Hopefully today is a better day.

At Bruins camp on Wednesday, Tuukka Rask was the main topic of conversation, as the Bruins’ #1 goalie shed a little more light on his bubble departure. Those who criticized Rask continue to look silly.

Other than that, it’s hard to believe we’re a week away from the start of the regular season.

The B’s will be in Newark, just a few hours from Boston. Interestingly, with the new division alignment, the furthest the Bruins will have to travel this season will be to Pittsburgh, which is around 572 miles from Boston.

It’s weird to think that the B’s first game of last season, a trip to Dallas, was more than 3x as far (one way) as their longest trip this season.

No more frequent flier miles.

Today’s highlight

Speaking of Pittsburgh, this game ruled.

Today’s discussion topic

No peeking - what, as the crow flies, is the furthest distance the Bruins can travel on a road trip?