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Morning Skate: Layoff

We are bored.

Dallas Stars Vs Boston Bruins At TD Garden Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, folks. We’re one day closer to the end of this silly wait between games.

I took a look at the schedule, figuring that this was the last of the silly layoffs, except it kind of isn’t — while the B’s get back to a regular cadence of games starting tomorrow, it only lasts until October 30.

After that game against the Panthers, the Bruins will again have four consecutive days off before returning to action on November 4.

Nothing like having plenty of time to rest when you...are already very well rested.

Anyways, there’s plenty going on in NHL circles while the Bruins sit on the sidelines, including Evander Kane getting suspended for submitting a fake vaccination card.

It’s easy to laugh, but it sure seems like something’s up with Kane...hopefully he can get some help and get back on track.

Elsewhere, our friends in Toronto have reached that fun point on the Ritchie Roller Coaster:

Good times.

Today’s discussion topic

Nick Foligno caused a bit of a stir today by stating that he is pro-candy corn.

What’s the best Halloween candy?