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PHF announces streaming deal with ESPN+

The newly dubbed PHF has found a new digital home for the 2021-22 season with ESPN+.

The Premier Hockey Federation (PHF) formerly known as the NWHL announced a new media partner fro the 2021-22 season. After a successful run on Twitch for last year’s bubble tournament that burst the League will now be partnering with ESPN+ for all US broadcasts including playoff games and the All-Star game.

It is unknown what will happen for international fans, but the assumption is that the league will follow what the NWSL did for their COVID tournament which saw Paramount+ handle US broadcasts while international broadcasts were handled on Twitch. This along with production details will be announces at a later date.

The financial details have not been announced at this time. We do know the league made a decent amount of money from their Twitch streams, due to data leaks from Twitch over the past few months.

The PHF joins the NHL, KHL and both men’s and women’s collegiate hockey on the platform.

The season will open on Saturday November 6. That day will see every team in action. The Pride will open with a rematch of the Isobel Cup Championship game, against the Minnesota Whitecaps.