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A Pasta pasta so you can enjoy pasta while you enjoy Pasta

My head hurts.

Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long: David Pastrnak finally has his own pasta.

Pastrnak had a press event at a Stop & Shop in Allston on Tuesday, where the store and the winger unveiled their new collaboration: Pasta pasta.

Before you get too cynical, we should note that a portion of the sales of Pasta pasta will go toward supporting pediatric cancer research and care at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund.

Pastrnak and Stop & Shop are also going to find ways to get pasta to children in need in Czechia, so...nice guy, that David Pastrnak.

Predictably, Pasta pasta is going to sell for 88 cents a box, which isn’t a bad deal (similar in price to Stop & Shop’s store brand, which I’m certain of because I buy way too much of it).

Ideally, this is the beginning of a Pasta pasta empire: spaghetti, linguine, maybe even some angel hair! Plus a complementary line of sauces, garlic bread...THE PASTABILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

Jokes aside, Pastrnak should be a guy that the NHL as a whole does its best to market; he’s among the most colorful personalities in a league suffering from a dearth of characters.

For now, he’s limited to local brands like Dunkin’ and Stop & Shop (furthering endearing himself to the born-and-bred Massachusetts crowd, or at least those of us who didn’t grow up near a Market Basket).


Pasta holding pasta...PASTACEPTION.