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Morning Skate: Waiting game

We sit.

NHL: Preseason-Washington Capitals at Boston Bruins Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Friday! The weekend is close. Consider yourself firmly in the FORD F-150 FINAL FIVE of your work week.

For us Bruins folks, we’re in a bit of a weird spot right now: the roster is set. The lines are, with a few exceptions, pretty much set. We’re ready for the season to begin.

And yet...we wait.

The Bruins won’t kick off the regular season until a week from tomorrow, a seemingly absurd time to wait during what’s going to be a very condensed regular season.

A week-plus wait to start the regular season is going to look wild during the post-Olympic rush, but what can you do?

My guess is the long delay is mostly caused by scheduling conflicts, both for the Bruins and their opponents, so you kind of have to just live with it.

Ideally, the players can use the break to stay sharp on the ice but also enjoy a bit of a respite before the real games begin.

As mentioned, they’ll be needing a break by the time February comes around.

Today’s discussion topic

I know I mentioned this before, but now that they’re officially going and players are starting to be named, who are your Bruin Olympians?

I’m going with: Bergeron, Marchand, Pastrnak, and McAvoy.

If this is an easy one, then instead share your weekend plans in exactly four words.