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Morning Skate: Turn the page

Good song too.

Calgary Flames v Boston Bruins Photo by Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

Well folks, we all wanted the Bruins to come back, and we kind of half got what we wanted, right?

Saturday night’s game in Philadelphia was good stuff. Sunday night’s game at home was an ugly mess.

Win some, lose some.

While Sunday night’s game was lost in that couple minute span at the start of the third where Calgary scored two quick ones, the Flames were the better team all night.

Sometimes, it’s better to just chalk up a game to being an off night all around and move on.

Burn the tape, turn the page, etc.

It’s cool to see former Bruin Dan Vladar doing well in Calgary, especially since we won’t see much of him from here on out. The Flames look like a pretty good team though.

Perhaps the best part of all of this: you don’t have to listen to more complaining about the schedule, as the Bruins are back at it on Wednesday!

Finally, we can find something else to talk about.

Today’s discussion topic

I’ve liked the new(ish) fourth line of Anton Blidh, Curtis Lazar, and Tomas Nosek.

Your thoughts?