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Brad Marchand to have a disciplinary hearing for slew foot against Canucks

Is Brad's clean streak coming to an end?

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Boston Bruins Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Marchand's impactful performance against the Vancouver Canucks last night deservedly earned him all kinds of kudos and accolades.

It also, apparently, earned him something else: a chat with the NHL's Department of Player Safety.

Marchand and Oliver Ekman-Larsson had a number of run-ins last night, but this is the one that has drawn the ire of the league:

I could see Marchand explaining it as he was trying to go hip-on-hip and then outmuscle Ekman-Larsson, but my guess is the league doesn't like 1) the leg follow-through and 2) the distance to the boards.

Those are just my thoughts though, who knows what the Wheel of Justice will declare.

Marchand hasn't been suspended for nearly four years, and I'd hazard a guess that doesn't change here. A fine seems the more likely outcome.

Before you ask, nothing has come out about Ekman-Larsson having any kind of hearing for this hit, which injured Anton Blidh: