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Brad Marchand gets a three-game suspension for his slew foot on Oliver Ekman-Larsson


Vancouver Canucks Vs Boston Bruins At TD Garden Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The NHL's Wheel of Discipline spun and spun, ultimately deciding that Brad Marchand deserved to be suspended for what it deemed a slew foot on Oliver Ekman-Larsson last night.

The league hit Marchand with a three-game ban, his first since early 2018.

In its explanation video, the league cites Marchand's use of both his upper and lower body to knock Ekman-Larsson to the ice in a "dangerous fashion" and the speed at which they're heading toward the boards.

The league also cites Marchand's "relevant history" as a factor in the suspension, and while he's not technically considered a repeat offender for fine purposes, the league can consider background for suspensions.

I'm a bit surprised at the length of the suspension, to be honest.

I thought a game would have been more likely, with a fine being appropriate too.

Interestingly, the league decided multiple fines were enough for PK Subban, who has already been hit multiple times this season for what it called a "dangerous trip" and "tripping."

Wheel of Discipline, etc.