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Jake DeBrusk’s agent confirms that he has asked for a trade from the Bruins

It appears things have begun to shift for the Boston Bruins.

NHL: Player Headshots 2021 Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Well, in a day where Brad Marchand got told to sit out for three games, somehow that’s not the most possibly concerning news of the day, as Rick Valette spoke to TSN’s Ryan Rishaug and confirmed that forward Jake DeBrusk has confirmed to have asked for a trade from the Boston Bruins.

DeBrusk has had an up and down time over the last few years; while he’s shown some skill and flash, he’s also shown a lot of annoying little habits that have made his place in the lineup tenuous, especially now that the B’s are trying to get that last year in before having to consider retooling. His nightmare last year saw him almost drummed out of the lineup altogether, and while this year is much improved, his linemates have also been kinda...well...I’ll get into that in another upcoming article, but let’s just say that Jake DeBrusk will be missed dearly, unless the B’s find a hard upgrade.

Nothing has begun yet, according to Elliott Friedman, but it’s going to be something we’re going to have to watch over the next few weeks.

Let’s just hope it works out for both parties when the time finally arrives.