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Bruins vs. Oilers 12/9/21 RECAP: Linus Ullmark stands tall in close 3-2 victory!

It wasnt pretty, but the B's got the job done, thanks to the efforts of Linus Ullmark.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

First Line:

So the Bruins didnt start out ideal, as the Oilers ran the show early on and gave every intimation that they wanted this to be a blowout. The Bruins needed a spark desperately.

They got one on the Penalty Kill from Mr. SHG himself.

You could not script a better spark than that. 1-0 B's!

believe it or not, the Bruins in spite of being badly outshot survived the period and we moved on.

Second Period:

Early on in the second period, Jake DeBrusk either brought up his stock or made himself that much more valuable to Boston, depending on how you feel.

Regardless, the B's suddenly found themselves up 2-0!

Of course, the Oil couldnt keep being the Oil forever. Not when they had guys like Leon Draisaitl kicking around. Clip provided by Chris Abraham.

2-1 B's, and shockingly? stayed that way going into the Third.

Third Period:

Leon Draisaitl is so unfair, man. Like how do you do this twice!?!?

2-2 everybody.

And once again, it looked like things were going to go to OT, putting some of the most dangerous offensive talents in the world at 3-on-3, which wouldve been really, REALLY bad.


Matt Grzcelyk had other ideas!

3-2 B's!

Somehow, some way after that, the Bruins and more importantly Linus Ullmark, kept the Oilers from getting back in, and the Bruins managed to gut out a much needed victory.

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader was of course, Charlie McAvoy, with 25:28 logged.
  • Without putting too fine a point on it, Linus Ullmark stole this game. Flat out. He made it an adventure, there were plenty of times where the Oilers probably could've made this so much worse, but he slammed the door shut when it counted, especially in the Third.
  • But part of why Ullmark's excellent shutdown performance mattered was that, with very specific exceptions here or there, the Oilers caved the Bruins right in at even-strength. The first line held their own for the most part, but when they were off the ice, the Oilers had the run of the game.
  • That 2nd line, man. Quite a struggle for Coyle and Smith last night, though Hall managed to bag a couple of points in assists. Thats what I keep saying about Hall; he creates goals, but he doesnt always score them. Still, gonna need waaaaay more.
  • Jake DeBrusk's tally tonight now puts him in 5th tied with Taylor Hall for Bruins goalscoring. Just saying, maybe ass the rest of the team to catch up before trading him?
  • Erik Haula pulled off his Sting Mask to reveal he was Sting all along. Back to struggling with him. Hopefully its just an off night.
  • Derek Forbort and Matt Grzcelyk really created some chances out there, while I cant advocate for their playing together, they played like they were keeping the defense alive themselves.
  • I will not say out of the frying pan i will not say out of the frying pan i will no-Its out of the frying pan and into the Flames on Saturday. Whatever this was last night, they cannot under circumstances let that happen against Calgary.

Saturday's game is the last of Boston’s Western Canada road trip before coming home. That game drops the puck at 10pm EST

We'll see you there!