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Patrice Bergeron joins Marchand, Smith in COVID-19 protocols

Everything is fine.

Vegas Golden Knights v Boston Bruins Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Update (12/15): As expected, we haven't heard the last of Bruins players entering protocol.

The team announced this morning that Patrice Bergeron has been placed in COVID-19 protocol, presumably following a positive test this morning.

With two guys already in protocol and another joining them this morning, it's not a stretch to say the Bruins may have a small outbreak on their hands soon.

The original post from Tuesday continues below.

It's the news many suspected/feared was coming: the Bruins have players entering COVID-19 protocols.

The team announced this morning that forward Craig Smith had been placed in the league's COVID protocol.

It followed that announcement with another stating that forward Brad Marchand was also being placed in the protocol.

Coach comes back from protocol, players go into protocol...welcome to COVID reality.

While it can't be proven that this is the source of the positive tests, many feared the Bruins would be impacted after the Calgary Flames announced six players were placed in the protocol Monday morning.

On Tuesday, Calgary placed three more players in protocol, including former Bruin Milan Lucic.

The Bruins, of course, played Calgary in Calgary Saturday night.

At this point, it isn't clear if either Marchand or Smith is sick, just that they're in the protocol.

It wouldn't be terribly surprising to find out other guys end up in there too.

Ideally, everyone involved stays healthy and this doesn't turn into a full-blown outbreak.

No word yet on tonight's game being in jeopardy, so it looks like the B's will just carry on shorthanded.

The league's protocol calls for a ten-day isolation period, meaning Smith and Marchand will miss at least six games: vs. Vegas, at NY Islanders, at Montreal, at Ottawa, vs. Carolina, and vs. Colorado.

The first game after that ten-day period would be 12/27 against Pittsburgh.

More to come as this situation likely evolves over the course of the day.