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Bruins vs. Islanders 12/16/21 Recap: Just cancel the f#!king games. Depleted B’s lose to the Isle 3-1

The NHL might be going into lockdown soon but that’s no reason not to take an L to the worst team in the Eastern Conference.

Boston Bruins v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

A slurry of game highlights:

The Boston Bruins, instead of a normal roster, played tonight’s game with 11 players, some from Providence. With the AHL ones generating any interest also going into protocol.

To say that this L was almost foretold would be lying, but I figure these highlights will roughly get you to the same conclusion we all came to:

COVID sucks.

Also there was an ENG but that’s not important.

And what currently constitutes the Boston Bruins head home with a 3-1 Loss.

Game Notes:

  • Look, whatever this game was going to be at full capacity is mostly just a theoretical at this point. They played like crap and got rewarded for it, but a big reason why anyone who looked at this lineup and checked out didn’t get hurt as bad as everyone else; this team simply can’t
  • Mike Reilly scored! Good for him!
  • Nick Folingo alongside getting into a scrape was the leader in fancystats for the night. That is not a high bar to clear, because only two players on the Bruins were under 50% in most relevant shooting categories, and while that bodes well for the offensive structure of the team, the talent deficiency was on full display.
  • David Pastrnak and Taylor Hall accounted for 13 of 41 shots in this game. It is honestly quite a shame they couldn’t cash in because if you go ahead and pull the percentage out of that, you will be very sad! Especially given that they tried their damnedest to make A Thing happen! this team is kind of depleted at the moment!
  • Linus Ullmark did his best, but this team was dog-tired and probably feeling the monumental struggle by the 2nd goal, and frankly it’s amazing he didn’t give up more. Those new pads really are doing the trick for him, and I hope the old ones are now keeping some family of possums or something warm for the winter.
  • lmao the Islanders needed Greiss to stand on his head in order to beat like five NHLers and a host of AHLers. What a team they turned out to be.
  • The Bruins probably shouldn’t go to Montreal on Saturday. Really, I’m not sure they should be playing at all for the next couple of weeks because while yes, Omicron is a less-life threatening variant of The Thing What Upended The Planet, it is however theorized to be way way way easier to contract, and if half the NHL’s putting itself into protocol like they have over the next couple of weeks, there’s no reason they shouldn’t just quarantine, suspend the games, then come back for the Winter Classic (or something).
  • Well, if they plan to go, then next game will be against Montreal in Montreal in front of nobody at 7pm EST.

We’ll see how that shakes out.