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Morning Skate: Satellite

Floating through space...

Boston Bruins v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

It’s also Christmas Eve Eve Eve. That’s only three eves. Hopefully you’ve got all your shopping done.

Considering we’re shut down, yesterday was a pretty interesting day in Bruins World: no Olympics, a season-ending injury for a defenseman, another defenseman in COVID-19 protocol, and a spat between a TV provider and a regional sports network.

Maybe we don’t need games to keep ourselves entertained after all!

The NESN-DISH beef got me thinking once again about how many channels you have to consider when trying to find your favorite hockey team this season (depending on where you are, of course).

In recent years, the Bruins were either on NESN (vast majority), NBCSN (reliably during weeknight games against the Flyers), or NBC (weekend games against Original Six teams).

This season, the Bruins were either on NESN...or TNT...or ABC...or ESPN+...or Hulu.

It’s TV channel roulette!

I say that as someone living in the Bruins’ market, so really, it wasn’t too bad for me: it was mostly NESN, with that random TNT and ABC game tossed in the mix.

But for out-of-market people (and I think the Bruins are likely near the top of the league standings for out-of-area fans), it seems like it’s probably only gotten more confusing and less convenient to find your game.

Today’s discussion topic

Here’s to continuity! Now, I continue what was being discussed above here: have you found your Bruins-watching experience more convenient or less convenient this season?

Bonus points if you share your out-of-area experience.