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Morning Skate: Movement

Another day, another request.

Boston Bruins v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

You’ve made it to Thursday. It’s Christmas Eve Eve.

Hopefully, if you’re working today, you get some reprieve and get an early release.

Speaking of early release, we’ve got another request for one from a Bruin!

As pointed out by Ty Anderson on Twitter, this means all three first-round picks from 2015 have now requested trades.

(If you’re like me and forgot about Jakub Zboril making a trade request, it was a couple of years ago.)

Zach Senyshyn’s request will likely draw the snarkiest of takes, as he has certainly been the most ridiculed pick of the three.

In some ways, it’s not fair — it’s not Senyshyn’s fault that he was selected where he was. Similar to how Zboril was getting ripped on his personal social media accounts, a lot of the vitriol aimed at Senyshyn is childish.

This is one of those cases where multiple things can be true at once.

Senyshyn is right: he hasn’t gotten an extended chance to show the Bruins what he can do at the NHL level, and has been passed over in favor of other guys many times.

The Bruins (organizationally) are right too: when Senyshyn has gotten his glimpses, he hasn’t done anything to grab that spot and refuse to let go.

I actually think Senyshyn has looked pretty good in his call-ups, and deserved a longer look before this season.

(And really, it goes back a few years — there have been several guys who have shown just as much, if not less, than Senyshyn but gotten more NHL time.)

However, I’ve also thought that about plenty of young guys in the past who never really panned out either, so...yeah.

This year, given how up and down the Bruins’ bottom six has been, you’d think there may have been room for another look for the kid.

My guess is that his waiver status is likely working against him now too though: if the Bruins recall him and he does well, they have to keep him or risk losing him for nothing.

Considering that the team has about 128 bottom-six forwards, it was a numbers game that wasn’t really going to work out.

All in all, it’s probably best for both sides to just acknowledge it’s a bad situation and move on. Let Senyshyn try in another organization, and let the Bruins recoup a draft pick.

What this really does is add another black mark to what is already a black-mark-filled draft for Don Sweeney; not only did he whiff on his picks, the organization also mismanaged the picks he did make to the point where they all asked to leave.

The only way this can get better for Bruins fans is if the B’s end up granting the requests of Jake DeBrusk and Senyshyn, then they go on to have success elsewhere.

We can only dream!

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I feel like we all know we’re going to discuss what’s above, so...discuss.