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World Juniors Days 1-3 GAMETHREAD

Lets get back into the swing of things with the world Juniors!

Canada v United States: Gold Medal Game - 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

The teenager tourney has begun! As of this writing, Finland holds to a 3-1 lead over Germany in the 3rd period, looking to have played a solid game to start things off right.

Upcoming we have the Russians and Swedes, Czechs and Canada, and of course that nightcap: USA vs Slovakia. A rematch that actually has some pathos behind it, if you can believe it.

Day 2

Alright! Great Start for the Finns, the Canadians, and the Americans, but we have plenty of work to do! Specially you, Leijonat. You don’t get a day off today, even if playing Austria might count as one.

Beginning your afternoon at 2, Finland faces off against Austria in Die Adler’s first game free of relegation thanks to COVID. Still, they have to play their hearts out to not get embarrassed, because Finland just had a good tune-up, with the Germans and are already looking to build on that.

Speaking of which, Russia, who had their heads knocked in against the Swedes, would like to get the ball rolling as they intended against the Swiss. The Swiss meanwhile, would like to start this tournament by shocking everybody. 4:30pm is your start time for that.

The late slate begins with the Germans, who’s best chance at having any kind of win starts with the Czech Republic, who managed to spook the Canadian contingent for about...I don’t know, ten minutes? Something like that. If they want to get a win here, they’ll have to cash in more than once against a team that, if nothing else, can get decent shots on goal. That game begins at 7pm.

Finally, Game 4 is the grand debut of Fabian Lysell for Tre Kronor as they face Slovakia fresh off of their buttkicking from the Americans. It’s not going to be a fun tourney for the Slovaks if they can’t at least some goals that count, and the Swedes are gonna need Lysell’s creativity once it comes down to the medal round participants. This game drops the puck at 9pm. Get a midnight snack for it!

EDIT: lmao Lysell’s still hurt.

Day 3

A lighter day to finish the first three days, starting with a 4:30pm USA-Switzerland tilt that will largely...not be terribly hard for the Americans.

Canada will also be playing tonight against the Austrians, of which I can only assume there being some kind of national crisis if Austria scores even a single goal. That ritualistic slaughter masquerading as a game begins at 7pm EST

Come enjoy some WJC hockey!