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World Juniors Days 4-7 GAMETHREAD

Welcome to the Home Stretch!

Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympics - Day 13 Photo by RvS.Media/Monika Majer/Getty Images

Day 4

As we enter the home stretch, things could get very fluid very quickly, so please don’t get mad at me if a game suddenly...y’know, doesn’t happen.

Anyway, starting things off is the struggling Czechs versus Finland, who has been cruising through this tournament with ease. A highly digestible game at 2pm to open things up!

In a similar vein, Slovakia will have to summon every last save it can muster because the Russians are coming in hot to prove they are worthy of medaling. This game begins at 4:30 for your perusement

The nightcap is the insurmountable mountain known as Canada vs. the poor unprepared climber known as Germany. Germany will absolutely play their tails off, but will it be enough? We will find out at 7pm sharp!

And finally...that nightcap at 9:30. Sweden vs. USA. Should be good on paper.

I have no idea if it’s actually happening or not. We’ll see.

Day 5

To be previewed

Day 6

Also to be previewed

Day 7

To, yet again, be previewed

Let’s do that hockey!