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Morning Skate: One more


Boston Bruins v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Joe Hrycych/NHLI via Getty Images

Happy Friday, folks — and an early Happy New Year to you as well.

We’ve made it to the last day of 2021, and what a wild year it has been.

We started the year with limited capacity at Bruins games, then we got full capacity playoff games, then a bunch of truly has been a roller coaster.

Ideally, tomorrow marks a return to whatever sort of normalcy we can expect in 2022. And hopefully 2022 forges its own path instead of following in 2020 and 2021’s footsteps.

The Buffalo Sabres are in action as I put this post together, currently trailing the New York Islanders by two goals. Did they come back? I’m not sure.

The Bruins should be at just about full strength for tomorrow afternoon’s game, barring a potential absence for Charlie Coyle.

It’s been so long since the last full-squad game that it’s hard to remember what the lines look like...I guess in that way, tomorrow is Opening Day: Part 2.

You all did pretty well with discussions during the break, and we all appreciate that.

As real hockey comes back and we have actual things to talk about, just a reminder to please be civil to one another in the comments.

Today’s discussion topic

Tomorrow is the Winter Classic in Minneapolis — the forecast calls for temperatures as low as minus-15 (Fahrenheit).

What are your thoughts on the Winter Classic? Still interesting, or is it played out?