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Recap: Pride rally in a big way, blow Buffalo out 6-0

The Pride roared into action midway through and never looked back.

Michelle Jay

Yes we are all asking where has this been and will it stay. Only time will tell but this was a much more fun game to watch.

Desired Depth

Something that every reporter and analyst (and fan) has been harping on is the lack of scoring depth. Other than a pair of goals from rookies and Lauren Kelly’s PP goal in the first playoff game it had been all top line scoring. Yesterday only one of the six goals was scored by that line. The varied scoring really seemed to boost morale. And will force opponents to not focus on the top line with their best D pairs as much.

Confidence Crushers

Last season Boston was known for scoring early often and without remorse. It would just make games feel out of reach early resulting in some pretty relaxed games. This season has been the polar opposite until this past game. The second period’s explosive finish set up the barrage of the third. Will this deter Buffalo in the deciding game? Doubtful, but it does give the Pride lots of confidence.

Us Against the World

Whatever the motivation was it was clear Boston was out for blood with their backs against the wall.This game had an extra gear showing after the brutal loss the previous afternoon. While they won the pressure remains firmly on Boston as they now have up to three more elimination games to go.

Other Action

Toronto Six: 6 - Connecticut Whale: 0

Toronto has locked the top seed for the semifinals and will play the winner of Boston/Buffalo.