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Preview: Pride survive, look to advance

Survive and advance is the mantra for the week int he Boston camp.

Michelle Jay

Still facing elimination the Pride get one more crack at Buffalo to earn a date with Toronto.

Just the facts

When: Tonight, 8:30 PM

Where: Herb Brooks Arena, Lake Placid, NY

How to follow: Twitch: NWHL channel


It was almost like a new team showed up last night as Boston blew the doors off of the barn. Tonight is pretty simple, repeat the last performance and they move on, play like they have the rest of the bubble and tonight ends the season.

Story Lines

Backs against the Wall

Boston came out with a desperately need performance last night. The question now is raised, can they play with that intensity and desperation for three more games without burning out. They aren’t your typical ‘Cinderella’ team but they have painted themselves into a facsimile of that role with the poor start to the bubble.

Rest and Recover

The NWHL season is typically one or two games on the weekend with the week off. This year the Pride have played four games in five days and now play their third in three days. Can they keep the energy high enough to play for a full 60 minutes? Will this play a role later for whoever advances?

One Game Seasons

While there is plenty of reason to look forward, the Pride need to be focusing one just the one game at a time. With a trophy so close it could be easy to overlook Buffalo but tonight will be a tough game on both sides.

Other Games

Connecticut Whale v Minnesota Whitecaps - 5:30 PM


The Pride should be the better team. Carly Jackson has had bad moments but more so her team has let her down. The Pride need to get in her head early and then keep their feet on the gas. Giving Buffalo any sign that they belong in this game could spell the end of a disastrous season. With last night’s offensive bonanza there is great hope that Boston has really got their act together and will go on a run.

Pride 4 Beauts 1