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Morning Skate: Uninspired

Not exactly the offensive outburst we were hoping for.

New Jersey Devils v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images


More snow today in the Boston area. It’s OK, spring is just over a month away.

The Bruins certainly lacked a bit of spring in their step last night, losing to the Devils, 3-2. It was a decent finish for the B’s, but the first 50ish minutes of the game were largely...not great.

Hey, there are going to be nights like this over the course of the season.

One thing that didn’t appear to make much of a difference: the line juggling.

Sure, Jake DeBrusk scored, but it was on the power play, not at 5v5 with his new linemates. In fact, the Bruins went another game without a 5v5 goal.

Maybe some fresh air on Sunday will help invigorate the offense!

Speaking of which, the Tahoe game time has been changed to 2 PM Eastern due to “a forecast of sunlight with no cloud cover.”

A hockey game’s time being changed due to sunny weather. Wild times.

Today’s highlight

That last outdoor game went OK (better than the one before it).

Today’s discussion topic

So do you go back to the “regular” lines from the start on Sunday, or are you willing to mix it up some more?