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Bruins vs. Sabres on the 6th and 8th have been postponed due to Ristolainen and Hall testing positive for COVID

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Thanks, New Jersey.

NHL: DEC 29 Sabres at Bruins Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

So, the Sabres and the Devils played a game not too recently. It was about as eventful as you’d expect both of these teams to be given their commitments to defense, and it ended in a Devils victory.

And then it was revealed the Devils were in fact a plague vector. So yeah, the Sabres got a couple of positive tests out of that L. And as a result, the games on the 6th and at least the 8th have been postponed, per the league:

While it obviously sucks quite a bit for the Devils and the Sabres (ESPECIALLY the Sabres, who appear to be mad they even had to play NJ given their outbreak), it does unintentionally afford the B’s a bit of rest, as it successfully erases the back-to-back on Friday and Saturday.

Whether or not that becomes a back-to-back somewhere else down the pike remains to be seen. Regardless, we wish all affected parties good health and a full recovery.