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Bruins game against the Flyers has been moved back to 7:30 PM because the NHL forgot we orbit a star

Only in hockey...

NHL Outdoors At Lake Tahoe - Rink Build Out Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

There are no words. Only bitter laughter.

Ice during outdoor games has a history of being a bit bad. No matter how much work you do in making it a clean sheet, you’re still contending with the elements that could have a major impact on the way that a hockey game is played. And Lake Tahoe’s ice?

Lake Tahoe’s ice is bad right now.

So naturally, it’s gotten to the point that the Bruins are being effected by it. The Lake Tahoe game was scheduled originally to be at 2pm EST, but thanks to the absolutely atrocious conditions afforded at Tahoe by, and this might shock you...”A carefully manicured sheet of ice being exposed to direct sunlight at 11am-12pm local time”. And so, the NHL has pushed the game against the Flyers back several hours in order to hopefully lineup with the theory.

Of course, according to west coaster SBN writers, the Sun; hockey’s greatest nemesis, will still be very much in the sky, so we’ll see if the conditions are actually better.

Of course, if you’re still jonesing for some hockey, you needn’t worry. The Vegas-Colorado game was postponed due to the disgraceful conditions, and will resume at midnight EST. The score in that game is 1-0 Colorado, so there’s plenty of time for Vegas to come up with a winning strategy that wasn’t working this afternoon.

Anyway, congrats to the NHL on forgetting that the Sun exists. Great PR for them.