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Bruins vs. Rangers 2/26/21 RECAP: Bruins sloppy play and porous defense dooms them in 6-2 loss

The harsh reality of having a vast majority of your defensive might on the mend has disastrous consequences.

Boston Bruins v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In honor of this half-assed effort, I shall make this recap as brief and half-assed as possible.

First Period:

They played like hot dog water smells and promptly got scored on for their trouble by Julien Gauthier.

Don’t screen your goalie. Next period.

Second Period:

Lafreniere got through both defenders with a pass, letting Ryan Strome shoot unobstructed from a failure to keep the puck in the neutral zone. 2-0.

And then Bergy scored on a really cool play started by Charlie McAvoy! 2-1.

Hmm, there’s something about that goal that seems familiar. Oh well, back to pain. Colin Blackwell catches an Adam Fox Adam Fox Adam Fox Adam Fo-I’m sorry Pierre McGuire got into my house and onto my computer. Anyway 3-1.

And then it just got worse. 4-1.

Not an ideal shift for Vaakanainen, tbh.


Buchnevich gets through the defense who mostly escorted him to goal and puts home a feed from Adam Fox. 5-1.

guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. there was some 6-1 goal in there, idk.

And then Brad Marchand got his 300th goal.

Good for him. Bruins lose because they played like meat sweats.

Game Notes:

  • Not that it should surprise you, but the B’s got absolutely slaughtered at 5v5. It also shouldn’t shock you that three guys holding it up were the first line.
  • The Bruins defense has been hit in ways we really couldn’t fathom until Lauzon left on Lake Tahoe. Simply put, they’re hurt bad, but their effort has been completely unacceptable. Not using their bodies to block shots or move players to the outside, missing their marks and leaving whole swaths of the ice completely undefended, and even players who have been better have had some ugly shifts turn into goals. They need to figure out a good life balance for themselves or they’re going to be in real trouble. Matt Grzelcyk or Kevan Miller are making themselves more valuable by their absence, and they’re injured.
  • The 4th line has been dog ugly for awhile now, but the last couple days have been...woof. Chris Wagner, Frederic/Bjork and Kuraly are in dire need of a very good game on Sunday or one of them (namely not the especially young one) needs to see this game from the same way we do.
  • Hard to really fault the goalie when he tried all night. You can only do so much when you’re being afforded no help.
  • Whatever you need to do on Saturday to get through to these guys, please do not hesitate to do so, Bruce.
  • Get well soon, everybody on IR! We sure as shit need you!

The next game is at noon on Sunday.

Let’s hope it doesn’t look like that did.