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Early odds favor the Bruins to make the playoffs, but how do they like their chances at the cup?

The oddsmakers have spoken, and they like the Bruins early on, but have they believed in them week-in, week out?

NHL: Boston Bruins at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

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So after a mere 10 games, it seems that the world of the betting man has already begun to build their odds to reflect reality just a bit more than usual, and as it turns out? Things are looking good for the Black and Gold. But just how good?

Of course, odds must be adjusting constantly due to the unique situation of the season, and so aggregating sites have been doing some real gruntwork on getting the odds together for each game.

The “No Duh” portion

SBD’s NHL odds have largely been favorable to the Bruins so far, especially in a “have and have-not” East Division, it’s no surprise that they have them as a consistent favorite to win out the entire division, only occasionally doing a dance with the Flyers. Every other team has either shown crippling flaws that have reared their ugly heads early, or just straight up showed up with a mountain to climb in order to get into the playoffs. But of course, it is still early.

The fun ones are the divisions with the Red Wings and the Senators, where both team’s lines are headed to the moon.
SBD’s futures page

When it comes to the SCF, the odds-boys seem to be comfortable with Boston being in the mix

Simply put, these divisions have all but ensured a perfect environment for one team to either make it out of it completely ready to go or to get completely smacked down when they no longer have to play the Buffalos, Ottawas, Detroits, and LA’s of the world 8 times a year. However, it’s becoming clear over the course of the season that for some divisions, there are more competitive 1 and 2 spots than normal, SBD’s futures see Boston as realistically the only team from the East with a shot to make the finals, whereas at least two other divisions are going to have to ensure themselves at least one guaranteed horrible moment of disappointment among each other.

SBD’s Futures page

But these are just the futures, what about the individual games?

Boston is already causing the odds to flip just by being them

It should not surprise you in the least that the last few games have otherwise ensured that being a consistent better on or against this team is a decision made only by the very rich or the extremely foolish.

Over the past few games, Boston’s insistence on dramatics has caused moneylines to bounce like a ball between their opponent wildly.

Washington’s first game was a game they were favored in, and then walked into the next game as underdogs. The Philly games were much the same way.

Fortunately, it seems like it’s going to be these two teams that will likely net you the best chance at taking advantage of the oddsmakers’ trust in the B’s, as so far it’s only really been Washington and Philadelphia who have been able to make them become underdogs.

Everybody else? Well...I hope you know something about the Bruins I don’t the day of, because otherwise most of these teams will be walking into games against Boston with heavy underdog odds.

It’s important to remember: it’s still less than a quarter of the way through this shortened season, so at any time these odds could make a wild bounce. But for the betting man, it’s clear you have some good options ahead of you. Just remember that you should only bet what you’re willing to lose!