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Morning Skate: Bounce back

A nice matinee win.

NHL: Boston Bruins at New York Rangers Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the start of another week!

The B’s earned themselves a W for the second Sunday running (and the second in a row on national television too), though this week’s win was indoors.

It’s silly to put too much stock in the results of one game in February, but it was good to see some kind of response from the Bruins yesterday.

Considering the two prior games had been big time flops, a win yesterday goes a bit of a way toward quieting any super hot takes before they can get started.

It’s interesting that for whatever reason, these games between the Bruins and Rangers have been among the chippiest of the Bruins’ season thus far.

Yesterday’s game featured a number of big hits, a few good scrums, and a buzzer-beater of a fight between Nick Ritchie and Brendan Lemieux (which Ritchie won).

It’s probably a case of an outgunned Rangers team simply trying to get under an opponent’s skin, but it was good to see the Bruins respond.

What’s on tap for this Monday?

Today’s highlight

What a baby. Binnington is on his way out of the league.

Today’s discussion topic

Are you feeling better after yesterday’s result, or do you look at that as a game they should’ve won regardless?